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Rules of the Road

Dear Boys,

Dad and I have a couple expectations we require of you while riding in the car.

#1 There will be a price for being chauffeured all over the state to sporting events, school activities and social functions.  You are obligated to converse with us.  You can’t really run away, we’ve got your ears until we shift into park.  We may ask you about your day or what your friends are doing this weekend.  Sometimes we’ll discuss all the fun and weird and tricky parts of growing up.  The conversations may entertain politics, religion or philosophy.  You are required to participate.  Other times, we may tell you stories of when we were just about your age.  Humor us.

#2  Although there are times we require dialogue, there are other times you must never, ever interrupt.  Here are some good indicators that a time like this is about to arrive.  We may happen to be listening to Sunday Night Slow Jams on the radio.  Boys II Men may come on.  I will probably giggle and Daddy will turn the volume up.  If you were already talking, don’t even think about finishing your sentence.  It won’t be heard.  As much as he can with the seat belt containing him, Daddy may start dancing.  He and I will hold hands.  That twinkle in our eyes and side glances are a good indicator that we are both transported back into time.  We are back at our elementary school roller skating parties and we are imagining that we went to the same school.  It’s Couple’s Skate time and we’ve got to hold hands and skate to Boys II Men.  It just has to be done.  Don’t worry, you can finish your thought later. Just make sure the song has ended and both Daddy and I are back in reality.  Thanks for your consideration.




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