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Thirteen Days Before

Who really wants to wait until Christmas to open gifts anyway?  Am I right?

That’s what Tim and I did our first Christmas, eleven years ago.  It was December 12th and we had all of our shopping done for each other.  The presents were even wrapped and under the tree!  I’m impressed just reading that back.  Granted, our family consisted of just the two of us at the time, but I’m still in awe.

Both of us were home from work, dinner was cooking and Tim said open a gift Wert Johnson toot butt fart face


Uh yeah, so that didn’t happen.  I left my computer for a quick second and Luke decided to continue with the storytelling.  Back to it:

Both of us were home from work, dinner was done and we were just hanging out by the tree.  Actually, I don’t quite remember what we were doing because it was pre-kids and we probably had time to watch paint dry plus get our millions of chores done before noon.

Tim piped up with, “Maybe you should just open one of your gifts….”

Me: What?  No way! We have to wait for Christmas…..well… would be fun…..ummmm, okay….maybe just one.  << opens present >>  Okay!  Now you have to open one to make it even.”

Tim:  Well…I guess, just to make it even.  <>  That was fun.

A few moments go by.

Tim:  How about just one more…each

And so it went, until every single gift was opened and wrapping paper was strewn all over the living room floor.  It was awesome.  We didn’t even feel guilty because the rules of Christmas aren’t the boss of us.  Who makes those rules anyway.  Probably the adults and we were technically included in that label, although there may be some arguments against that one.

Now every year, in honor of our first Christmas, we open one gift thirteen days before the big day.  Since we make the rules now, we can do that, so there.

This morning Jack was the first one awake, of course, because he knew we got to crack open that one gift today.  When we were all finally awake and coherent, with the help of coffee of course, we gathered around the tree.  Luke wanted Tim and I to open up our gifts first because he wanted to save the best for last.  Genius.  Both boys got the same thing, super duper classy card holders for their latest obsession, Pokemon and sports card collecting.  They ran upstairs to get their best cards to put in the holders and planned out where exactly in their room they wanted the spotlight display.

I also put a brand new book in the box for both of them.  Luke got a shark mystery and Jack got a dinosaur diary/ comic book.  A boy after my own heart, Luke was excited about his new book. Jack barely looked at his book before setting it aside to grab his Pokemon cards.

Later, Jack brought the book to me with a confused look.  “I don’t know why this was in here…”  I guess, because I reused an Amazon box to wrap the gifts up in, he thought it was just something left in the box.  “Jackie, that was part of the gift.  I got you a new book.  To read.  For enjoyment.”  The light bulb turned on, “OH!!  That’s cool.  Thanks!”  And off he went, to organize his Pokemon cards.

Oh well, I tried.

Us on Christmas day 2004, with no presents to open, and feeling not one bit guilty, obviously.



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